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the vault

blood of the poet

11 December
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My name is Laura and I am a pie. 'Tis the sensual truth.

19 years of terror spent wandering the mystical land of New Zealand... well it is not so mystical because I live in Auckland and it is just like any city.

Apologies for this rather sad bio.. I shall write a better one verrah soon I swear.

David Bowie, NIN, DUNE, Brad Dourif, Sci Fi, movies, Baldur's Gate... these things me like muchly and many more besides.

I am a 2nd year Biomedical Science student. It eats my life! Oh curse whoever invented the pipette.

a perfect circle, aladdin sane, alan cumming, alan rickman, alia, alien, aliens, amon goeth, andy warhol, anne rice, anthony hopkins, art, bats, battle royale, bauhaus, bela lugosi, bill pullman, billy bibbit, billy corgan, bjork, bono, brad dourif, brian molko, bride of chucky, carrie, casper, castles, child's play, chucky, cocteau twins, courtney taylor-taylor, dandy warhols, dark things, david bowie, david bowie's area, david byrne, david thewlis, death machine, deftones, diamond dogs, dracula, dune, dungeons and dragons, edgar allan poe, feyd-rautha harkonnen, frank herbert, gary oldman, germany, goblin king, goth, gothic, gothic minds, grima wormtongue, h.i.m, halloween jack, hannibal, hannibal lecter, harkonnen, harry potter, hazel motes, humbert humbert, hungary, iceland, iggy pop, interview with the vampire, invader zim, jack dante, jack nicholson, jack skellington, jack white, jareth, jareth's bulge, jean-baptiste emanuel zorg, jeremy irons, jhonen vasquez, johnny depp, joy division, jthm, julian casablancas, kevin spacey, labyrinth, lance henriksen, lestat, lester burnham, lolita, lotr, lou reed, meg white, mentat, nazi germany, nick cave, nightmare before christmas, non-conformists, nymphets, older men, piter de vries, placebo, red dragon, remus lupin, rik mayall, rip torn, robert smith, roxy music, sapho juice, severus snape, sigur ros, silence of the lambs, sirius black, smashing pumpkins, stanley kubrick, stephen king, steve buscemi, sting, the cure, the fifth element, the league of gentlemen, the shining, the strokes, the thin white duke, the white stripes, the young ones, tim burton, u2, ziggy stardust, zorg